"Calf Botox": With the help of the beauty trend, calves should appear firmer

Quirky beauty trend from the USA
"Calf Botox" is supposed to make the calves look firmer

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There is a new trend in the beauty sky: With the so-called "Calf Botox", muscular calves should appear slimmer. We'll tell you here how exactly the process works and what restrictions there are.

As a beauty editor, I've come across a lot of trends. From vampire lifting to needling and bunny lines to strawberry chins: Behind the often bizarre names there are procedures that not only require a portion of experimentation, but can also be painful at times – and should therefore always be carefully considered.

"Calf Botox" is supposed to make the calves slimmer

A new addition is the so-called "Calf Botox" trend from the USA, which promises slimmer calves with the help of Botox. But the trend is not entirely safe either. We'll tell you how it works and what you should pay attention to.

This is how the new trend works

With "Calf Botox" – as the name suggests – Botox is injected into the muscles of the calf in the hope of inhibiting them and making the calf appear more graceful. You can imagine the procedure as with a classic Botox treatment on the face, only that the active ingredient should not relax the facial muscles, but the leg muscles. The aim is to impair and slow down the muscle contractions to such an extent that the muscle no longer contracts when moving, i.e. the curvature of the calf is less pronounced and the lower leg appears less powerful.

You should keep this restriction in mind

Important to know: The results of "Calf Botox" can only be seen when the calf is in motion and the muscles are tense. For example, if you just sit on a chair and don't tense any muscles, no effect will be visible. Depending on your muscle tissue, you should also plan a few sessions before the dream of slimmer legs comes true. It is also advisable not to do muscle building workouts such as cycling or leg press exercises after the treatment. Because that can affect the result.

That's how long the result lasts

The result of the beauty treatment usually lasts three to six months before it is then broken down naturally by the body. As with any beauty treatment, especially with invasive or minimally invasive interventions, you should always talk to a doctor beforehand and clarify any risks. Because the limited range of motion of the calf can result in thrombosis or impaired blood circulation.