Call of Duty 2024: These 55 weapons should be available at launch


Call of Duty 2024 will have an independent weapon set that differs from the previous title. We’ll tell you which 55 new weapons are available.

Call of Duty 2024 is said to have a standalone weapon set with 55 new weapons. (Source: Youtube/Call of Duty)

  • There will be 55 new weapons in Call of Duty 2024.
  • This should be an independent weapon set.
  • Activision has not yet confirmed this.

Call of Duty 2024 is expected to bring various innovations that could make the gaming experience different from the previous title. This includes, among other things, a “third person” perk, which potentially offers you a tactical advantage when playing.

As Konny Vondy reports on X (Twitter), the title should also be a independent weapon set own. On X he has already shared a list of 55 new weapons that will be available when Call of Duty 2024 launches.

55 new weapons

  • 9 assault rifles
  • 4 battle rifles
  • 9 submachine guns
  • 5 shotguns
  • 4 light machine guns
  • 6 special sniper rifles
  • 4 sniper rifles
  • 7 pistols
  • 2 rocket launchers
  • 3 melee weapons
  • 2 weapons for zombie mode

Since this is a leak, it is currently unclear whether these weapons will actually be available at launch. Due to a possible delay in publication, more detailed details may be awaited.

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