Call of Duty: Activision announces a “full premium iteration” in 2023, but Jason Schreier doubts it

Whereas Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has just been released, all eyes are already on the future of the series, in this period when the acquisition ofActivision Blizzard by Microsoft is being acted upon. The next installments should still be released on playstation Either way, but rumor has it there won’t be until 2024 anyway.

However, Activision Blizzard surprised everyone by announcing during its latest financial report that its plans for 2023 include “the most robust live service support for Call of Duty games yet, the next full premium iteration of the annual hit series and exciting free-to-play experiences across platforms”. So will there really be a CODE new next year or is the publisher playing with words?

The very well-informed Jason Schreier leans towards the second option, because according to him, still no new call of duty planned for 2023, but a major expansion for Modern Warfare II : the last noises from the corridors spoke of DLCs pay-per-view including campaign missions, game cards, Modern Warfare 2 2009 version and also maps covers of cult episodes of the saga. These novelties would moreover be mainly developed by Sledgehammer Gameswhich has just completed its work on Vanguard. Are we to understand from all this that the extensions will be so important that they are comparable to the content of a complete episode? Even that they will be offered in stand-aloneextending the adventure Modern Warfare II in a separate experience? To be continued…

The journalist from Bloomberg specifies that Trearch would be him fully on a real separate episode for 2024, but we would therefore have many other fish to fry before getting our hands on it. The franchise is in any case doing very well, while Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has already exceeded one billion dollars in revenue: you can get it from €64.90 per Fnac.

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