Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be offered in Game Pass upon release

Via a short video, Microsoft has just made a solid rumor (and a leak) official: the next opus in the saga Call of Dutyto know Black Ops 6will be available day one in Game Pass PC and console. This is the first game in the Activision franchise offered within the subscription.

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A strategy that could have significant consequences

The unusual terms of the release of this opus, developed like the previous games Black Ops by Treyarch, are likely to have significant repercussions in the industry. There is no doubt that Microsoft must have thought carefully before integrating it into Game Pass. Indeed, if the Richmond firm should take advantage of this to gain new subscribers when the FPS is released, and thus boost figures that Microsoft still considers quite disappointing, this should however significantly reduce the profits generated by the game.

Usually, each opus of Call of Duty sells around 20 million copies, at €70 each. The Game Pass is, for the record, offered between €9.99 per month (PC Game Pass) and €14.99 per month (Game Pass Ultimate). The calculation is therefore quickly done. However, the game will also be released on Sony and Microsoft consoles, where it should still make the bulk of its profits.

To try to make up for the shortfall linked to Game Pass, Microsoft could make Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 exclusive to the most expensive formula, or even increase its prices. For the moment, the addition to Game Pass of major titles from studios acquired by Microsoft, such as Starfield at Bethesda or Diablo IV at Blizzard, has not changed the prices. It also remains to be seen if previous games Call of Duty will subsequently arrive within Game Pass.

More info on Black Ops 6 in a few days

In the meantime, those most attentive will have noted that Microsoft and Activision have not given a release date for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | which should propel us into the middle of the Gulf War. A release at the end of the year, towards the end of October, is highly possible. This event should also allow us to find out more about the next successful Xbox license games like Doom And Gears of War.

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