Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone, weapons, maps, collaborations and lots of new features for Halloween with Season 6!

There Season 6 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II And Call of Duty: Warzone will not be a Season at a discount, but rather a final bouquet before the arrival of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. We already knew that it would be available on September 27 with Spawn as’Operatorbut many other new features are planned.

4 new maps will be playable at launch, namely The House And Koro Village (Standard), King And Fightin the same way as 3 weapons, namely the assault rifle TR-76 Geistthere SMG ISO 9mmand the Dual Kamas in melee. The chainsaw and a shotgun DOOM can also be unlocked mid-Seasonvia a bundle paying. The pack Blackcell will entitle you toOperator exclusive V4L3RIAwhile the Battle Pass will allow you to obtain Al Simmons, Spawn and skins horrifying. Other paid packs will unlock them Skeletor of the Masters of the Universe, Ash Williams in Evil Dead 2 version, Alucard from the manga Hellsingand even Inarius And Lilith of Diablo.

Serious things will finally begin in the middle ofSeasonon October 17, with the return of the Halloween event The Haunting who will mark the Battle Royale of his imprint. Operation Nightmare will thus be triggered on Al Mazrah as strange creatures roam a nocturnal version of the mapand places will be modified or added to this map as well as to Vondelwhere we will have to summon and face a demon called The Butcher. The mode Zombies Royale will be back on the 2 mapsallowing the Operators killed to return as undead. The mode Vondead Lockdown will be a nocturnal variant of Lockdown on Vondel. Souls can be collected during games during The Haunting, and exchanged for special rewards, while gifts will be offered during daily logins or through ranked matches. And in combat, we will be able to use the Bloodseeker Grenadea grenade clinging to opponents to reveal their position, but also surviving hallucinations to obtain loot useful, or hear horrible screams when using a suppression mine or decoy grenade. DMZ will also switch to night mode for suitable challenges.

In Multiplayer, 2 cards will be temporarily modifieds: El Asilo will celebrate Day of Muertoswhile Embassy will become the site of a devastating zombie attack. Variants Haunting Popular modes will also be offered: Domination will see the area marker replaced by a scarecrow, Grind And Kill Confirmed will make us collect skulls instead of medallions, Drop Zone will make us jump scare when opening certain crates, and Infected will turn its infected into undead. More information is available in English at official site.

The Halloween period will therefore be particularly fun and provided on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II And Warzone, just to mark with dignity the end of the history of the first city. For latecomers, it is available from €41.93 on

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