Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Warzone and WZ Mobile, still a bunch of new features with Season 3 Reloaded

Since the beginning of the month, players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Call of Duty: Warzone And Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile have fun with Season 3: Rebirth Islandbut Activision and its studios will already add more content with a mid-season update, the Season 3 Reloaded.

Players will be able to discover maps and multiplayer modes, a historical mission or even new objects on Rebirth Islandhere is everything you need to know about the Season 3 Reloaded of the Call of Duty :


  • Discover Minefields and Escort modes : Be careful where you step in Minefields and hack several points on the map alongside a MAW in Escort.
  • Two new 6v6 multiplayer maps : Head to the bad parts of town on the all-new Grime map and test your skills on Checkpoint, based on the Stronghold zone of Rebirth Island.

  • Boost your power in Arcade game list : From unlimited ammo modifiers to ultra-powerful weapon pickups, Arcade transforms the Multiplayer experience into a true demonstration of power.


  • Equip yourself! Suit up in Heavy Armor, restock your plates and ammo with the Utility Box, and prepare for the return of the Weapon Trading Station: Trade a weapon, receive one in return along with additional loot. A good way to fill your pockets.
  • Specialist Perk Pack : become a super soldier thanks to this rare item which gives your operator all the available Perks!
  • New Elimination Series – Prescience : Plan your endgame with the ability to see all future gas circles.
  • Variable time of day : Experience Rebirth Island in a new way thanks to the variable weather conditions during your deployments.


  • Celebrate Golden Week : Celebrate Golden Week with all-new content inspired by Japanese folklore. Collect gold bricks and earn rewards.
  • Mid-season update is coming : After Golden Week, the mid-season update, Season 3 Reloaded, will be available on mobile and will introduce a new limited-time mode, new events and a new map feature.


  • Save Dr. Jansen : In the next mission, the Operators join Ravenov on a rescue mission to retrieve Dr. Ava Jansen after she is drawn into a Dark Aether rift.
  • Earn new patterns : Acquire up to three new blueprints to aid your future deployments in the Exclusion Zone.
  • Face Warlord Rainmaker : Search for the new Warlord in his fortress on the island of Rahaa. Prepare for an explosive fight against this demolition expert.

The Mid-Season Update Season 3 Reloaded will be launched on May 1st in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Call of Duty: Warzone And Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. You can find CoD: MW III from €53.99 on Amazon, Cdiscount And Fnac.

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