Call of Duty soon on all platforms? The boss of Xbox tries to reassure Sony!

It was during a Tech Live conference with the Wall Street’s newspaper which took place on October 26 that the CEO of Xbox, namely Phil Spencer, shared some of his ideas including the fact that he wanted to make the Call of Duty license accessible to absolutely everyone.

Call of Duty soon available on all consoles?

If the announcement of the takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft was a real thunderclap in the middle of the video game industry, it was enough for Sony to worry about the future of the franchise. of Call of Duty on its PlayStation consoles. But let Jim Ryan be reassured, Phil Spencer apparently has great plans for future Call of games, at least on paper.

Although at the time of writing the acquisition is still under intense scrutiny, Phil Spencer is quick to talk about the future and more specifically what he intends to do. do with the iconic FPS license. His dream ? Offer future franchise games on all consoles, including Nintendo Switch consoles.

Call of Duty will be specifically available on PlayStation (…) I would love to see it on Switch, I would love to see the game playable on many different screens. Our intention is to treat Call of Duty like Minecraft.

Call of Duty on Switch, good or bad idea?

When we state the idea of ​​”Call of Duty on Switch”, we would tend to wince since we all know that a game of such magnitude on the Nintendo machine, the poor little console would not hold up well. long time. However, Phil Spencer still qualified his remarks. If he wants to be able to bring Call of games to Switch players, there will nevertheless be certain changes to be made to them.. Indeed, he takes as an example the world famous title Minecraft, this cubic game that everyone loves, and then explains that he would like future Call of Duty games to have the same treatment.

If Minecraft is so popular, it’s because it’s accessible to absolutely everyone, and when it comes to Call of Duty, we can hardly imagine that each console would have its own version of the game. or Minecraft player, you are indeed aware that the cubic title of Mojang Studios, although it is available on absolutely all platforms, nevertheless benefits from certain changes when it is on such or such console, from so as to be able to best adapt to the machine and the performance it offers. For Call of Duty, we imagine that Phil Spencer has already planned the coup.

If Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available since October 28 for everyone, whether PC players, PlayStation players or Xbox players, a bad surprise awaited those who opted for the physical version of the game. title…

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