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The end of the year is likely to be busy and hectic for fans of the Call of Duty franchise. In addition to discovering a new opus, with Modern Warfare 2which will arrive during the month of October, a new battle royale, which we call for the moment Warzone 2, although it may not be its name, should also land. If it has already been mentioned by the developers, this new battle royale has never been presented, but the rumors are rife about it, and some are very interesting.

The leaked Warzone 2 map?

As always, this information comes from Tom Henderson, having proven its reliability on the subject on many occasions. He therefore shared an illustration of the alleged Warzone 2 map, in a simplified version. And what we notice is that the water is very present, much more than on Warzone. This is normal, since Tom Henderson explains that this new battle royale will include a new mechanic: swimming. We can also think that boats will be present, to move faster.

The brown areas correspond to the raised areas, while the darker areas, in gray, are where the buildings will be most present. Finally, the black line would correspond to the railway line.

It should of course be taken with caution, since nothing has been made official and it is a leak, but given Activision’s history with leaks, it’s a safe bet that this map proposed has a large part of truth. We’ll know more in a few weeks, if not months, given that the launch of Warzone 2 seems pretty close. However, this new battle royale would only be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

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