CallYa Digital for free: Vodafone Allnet flat rate with 20 GB for three months free of charge


You can surf and make calls at CallYa Digital for free for three months if you use a voucher code. Even the use of the 5G network is included, but only for a short time.

With Vodafone you can get the CallYa Digital tariff with 20 gigabytes free of charge for three months. (Source: Vodafone / Montage: Netzwelt)

Have you just bought a new smartphone and are now looking for a suitable SIM card that gives you flexibility and is not tied to a tariff? Or are you dissatisfied with the mobile network you currently use and would like to test an alternative?

While Telefónica’s O2 network has the test card for this case, a representative from the free SIM card area, this is not easily possible with Vodafone.

At least so far, because from now on you can test Vodafone’s 5G network free of charge for three months and, in addition to an all-net flat rate, you have 20 GB of high-speed data volume per month for surfing.

Free SIM cards: the big overview
Free SIM cards in comparison

If you are looking for a SIM card without a contract, you have come to the right place. We will introduce you to current prepaid offers and show you how you can get a free SIM card.

Vodafone CallYa Digital is a prepaid tariff from Vodafone, when you order it you can currently use the voucher code BONUS60 receive a credit of 60 euros for three free months. And that’s not all, because you also benefit from an increased data volume: 20 gigabytes instead of the regular 15 gigabytes are included in the tariff option.

Attention: The promotion only runs until September 19th!

At Vodafone enter the code BONUS60*


CallYa Digital tariff in detail

With CallYa Digital you can use 20 gigabytes of data per month in the LTE and 5G network. A telephone and SMS flat rate to all German networks, as well as EU roaming, is also included in the price. The connection, SIM card and shipping are free, and you can also secure a 10 euro starting credit if you take your phone number with you.

Vodafone CallYa Digital: 60 euros credit with voucher code "BONUS60"

Vodafone CallYa Digital: 60 euros credit with voucher code “BONUS60”

The advantage of the prepaid tariff is that you can pause, reactivate or change the payment method at any time via the MeinVodafone app. There is therefore no contractual obligation and the contract term is four weeks with a notice period of one month.

The maximum data transfer rate for downloading is 500 megabits per second. A maximum value of 100 megabits per second is reached in the upload. You normally pay 20 euros for the monthly 20 gigabytes, but with the current promotion you can book the tariff for three months free of charge.

This is how you order your prepaid tariff

Thanks to the full flexibility and convenient payment (also via standing order), you can take out your new prepaid tariff in just a few steps:

  • Decide between a SIM card or eSIM
  • Set up automatic top-up
  • Submit order
  • Complete identification
  • Receive eSim by email or SIM card by post

If you want to use Vodafone CallYa Digital free of charge for three months, you must enter the voucher code “BONUS60” in the payment step of the ordering process. The bonus credit of 60 euros will then be added automatically.

Attention: The promotion only runs until September 19th!

At Vodafone Book CallYa Digital for three months free of charge*


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