Camélia Jordana female hope at the César: "There was a before and an after": Current Woman The MAG

The French discovered her on the show New star in 2009 where, thanks to her velvet voice, she had shone. And since then, Camélia Jordana has succeeded in establishing a lasting foothold in the world of music but also of cinema since the young woman of 28 years combines the caps of singer and actress. In addition to her success on the radio waves, she also enjoys success in dark rooms. Undeniable proof of his talent: in 2018, she received the César for best hope for her role in the feature film The Brio. A consecration that radically changed the course of the young woman's career, as she confided on Sunday, January 24, 2021 in the columns of the Sunday newspaper. "There was a before and an after", she admits. "I started to get bigger roles, more interesting proposals, roles of women, and not just 'Arab women'." A real luxury in her young career since Camélia Jordana has since had the chance to really do what she loves: "I was able to make mainstream comedies that were great but I didn't necessarily see myself in. I need to be touched."

Camélia Jordana: a new album to prove that music still interests her!

But if the young woman, accustomed to controversy in spite of herself, is in the news, it is thanks to the release of her fourth album, Easy / Fragile. A great way for Camélia Jordana to prove that music is still part of her. "A lot of people thought I was turning my back on music, that the only thing I was interested in was the movies now that I had a Caesar, while the song is still my first love", she assures, determined to prove that, in the long term, she will be able to reconcile the two careers. One thing is certain: with also a Victoire de la musique for the album LOST in 2019, we can say that it has already convinced the professionals!

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