Camélia Jordana: her tackle on Claude François and her preference for young girls: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

She is an artist who has been running a lot of ink for several months : Camellia Jordana. Committed, the young woman is showing more and more her positions, whether through social networks or in the context of various interviews. A positioning that is far from unanimous, but who does not stop the star. Thursday January 21, 2021, the pretty brunette decided to tackle two monuments of the French seventh art: Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot. In fact, in an interview with Paris Match, Camélia Jordana assured that contrary to their reputation, the latter "were not the symbol of feminism ", and that they are not not an example for the younger generation to follow. "They also lived with the idea that to take a hand in the ass was something normal, even 'nice'" insisted the singer revealed in the New star, who seems to have taken the icons of the Hexagon for target.

Camélia Jordana blames Claude François

On the occasion of the release of his new album entitled Easy / Fragile, Camélia Jordana has agreed to confide in the sexism present in the world of music in an interview with the magazine IT. "It's the story of my career, like many female artists " said the interpreter of In the skin, before continuing: "I can see, even today, how my elders are interviewed, even with talented journalists: we talk to them about their guy, men with whom they worked, of those of whom they were the muse, of their age... this is no longer possible". After explaining the reason for her involvement in the #Metoo movement, Camélia Jordana spoke about the case of Claude François and her preference for young women, insisting in passing on the evolution of mentalities over the years. "Before, it was normal. It was normal to hear Claude François say that he prefers girls between 15 and 18 years old …" she explained. A statement that is likely to cause a lot of noise, but which is far from frightening Camélia Jordana, accustomed, in spite of herself, to polemics.

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