Camera Café on M6: why is this flagship character absent from the anniversary bonus?

M6 is broadcasting this evening “Camera Cafe, 20 years already”, an exceptional bonus intended to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cult series. If all the actors are back for this evening, a key character will however be absent subscribers.

A little more than 15 years after the broadcast of the last episode, Caméra Café, the cult humorous pastille of the 2000s, returns this Tuesday evening from 9:10 p.m. on M6 during an exceptional evening marked by the broadcast of Caméra Café, 20 years old already.

This 90-minute TV movie directed by Bruno Solo and Yvan Le Bolloc’h will allow fans of the first hour to find Hervé and Jean-Claude, in the iconic sets of the series, recreated for the occasion.

After being fired, Jean-Claude must pack his bags and say goodbye to his colleagues. The opportunity for him and his lifelong friend to remember the events that have marked history over the past 20 years. The yellow vests, the climate crisis, the MeToo movement or even the presidential elections, all the subjects will go under the magnifying glass of Hervé and Jean-Claude.

In addition to Bruno Solo and Yvan Le Bolloc’h, many actors from the original series will make their big comeback, in particular Gérard Chaillou (Jean-Guy), Jeanne Savary (Jeanne), Shirley Bousquet (Nancy) or even Armelle (Maéva). There is, however, an actor who will not be present during this anniversary evening: Marc Andréoni, who camped Serge, the shrink.

Shirley Bousquet explained to our colleagues from Entertainment TV that the actor had made a change of life and no longer wanted to play in Camera Café: “He is not there because he has changed jobs. He became a fisherman in Porquerolles. He no longer wants, he wants to do something else”.

This absence will however be compensated by the arrival of new characters. The humorist Waly Dia will slip into the skin of Kamel, replacing Jean-Claude. Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Éric Antoine and many others will also make appearances in the TV movie.

The exceptional bonus will be followed by the broadcast, from 11 p.m., of Caméra Café, 20 years later, an unpublished documentary which will look back at the genesis of the series and its manufacturing secrets, and will take viewers behind the scenes of its return event. .

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