Camille Cottin recounts Brad Pitt’s astonishing reaction when he saw her in the “Connasse” series: Current Woman Le MAG

National glory obtained for his impressive performances in French films, Camille Cottin is also recognized internationally. She made a name for herself on the other side of the Atlantic thanks to her role in Ten percentwhich had been viewed across borders. Little by little, the 44-year-old actress is making a name for herself in Hollywood. Evidenced by its presence in Stillwater, film directed by Tom McCarthy where she gave the reply to Matt Damon. But we can also recognize his face in many other big American productions, like Mystery in Venice by Kenneth Branagh or even the biopic House of Gucci by Ridley Scott, where she appears alongside Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. His talent and his growing visibility allow him to rub shoulders with Hollywood monsters, like Brad Pitt, met on the set ofallies, where she had a small role. great guest of RTL good evening Wednesday August 30, 2023, she told how Angelina Jolie’s ex reacted after watching the hidden camera sketches of her series Bitch. As a reminder, she appeared there in a particularly snobbish and insolent caricature of a young Parisian.

Brad Pitt to Camille Cottin: “You have balls!”

“You’re kidding but he saw her, I swear! Marion Cotillardwhen I met her on alliesBrad Pitt had to learn French, so she gave him movies and at one point she told me ‘he has to see Bitch’she gave him, told the mother of Léon Gabriel and Anna Paloma. Retailer: “The next day he came back telling me ‘You have ass!'”, which, of course, did not fail to make the set laugh a lot. The one who rubs shoulders with the greatest directors today nevertheless keeps a cool head. “These are such accomplished artists that we are impressed, it’s normal”, she delivered, humble, about her intimidating experience with Ridley Scott in 2020. On September 6, 2023, the public will be able to see Camille Cottin in a more national fiction. She will be featured in Tony with familya film directed by Nathan Ambrosioni which gives back the place to single mothers.

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