Camille Lellouche confides in her complicated love life


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As she prepares to give birth to her first child, Camille Lellouche recently made rare confidences about her love life which she considers complicated.

Between her careers as a comedian, actress and singer, Camille Lellouche knows how to be very generous when it comes to going on stage. As for his private lifeon the other hand, the 36-year-old artist is much more secret. She is particularly very discreet when it comes to approaching his romantic relationships. Currently pregnant with her first childa little girl who should be born in a few weeks, the ex-candidate of The Voice never disclosed the identity of his mysterious companion. This Tuesday, August 9, she nevertheless decided to deliver a few rare secrets at the microphone of the podcast by Elise Goldfarb and Julia Layani.

“My personal sentimental life, it has never been very joyful, nor very beautiful in fact”first revealed Camille Lellouche in all sincerity. “It’s very hard to know love in this environment”, she then confessed. If it was so difficult for Slimane’s great friend to find the right shoe on the heart sideit is in particular because she is not attracted by the people she meets in the artistic world. “Strangely, I’m not very interested in men in this environment, I like simple people. Not that we are not simple, but I like people with a normal life”said the mother-to-be, before concluding: But when you’re with someone who doesn’t know fame, who isn’t in this milieu, it’s complicated all the same. It’s hard to accept me, I’m a burden. I need to be happy like everyone else, I deserve it.”

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The confidences of Camille Lellouche on the father of her baby

Invited to the last edition of Marrakesh of laughterbroadcast on M6 on Tuesday July 19, Camille Lellouche took advantage of her time on stage to humorously discuss her baby’s daddy. The presenter of the evening, Jamel Debbouze, notably asked the young woman if her companion was sufficiently present during her pregnancy. “The owner… he’s busted to the ground”she first quipped, before responding benevolently. “Hormones are complicated to manage. He’s nice, he gives me massages, he scrubs me, he cleans me… everything that ends in ‘age’… I make him miserable all the time Jamel… He doesn’t see that I love him?

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