Camille Santoro (Large Families) confides in her discomfort “what we can hide”

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Camille Santoro, the participant of the program Large Families: Life in XXL shared her discomfort with her large community on Instagram this Wednesday, February 22. Enigmatic messages that speak volumes…

But what happens to Camille Santoro, the mother discovered in the show Large families: life in XXL ? Very active on social networks, the mother of six children has become accustomed to sharing her daily life with her 821,000 subscribers on Instagram. And it is now only via social networks that Internet users will be able to hear from him, since the Santoro family has announced his departure from the show.

I think you notice that my days are very busy and it’s starting to be difficult to put a shoot there in the middle”, explains Camille Santoro, annoyed by the criticism of internet users about her children. It must be said that the daily life of the mother of a family is rather full! Not only does Camille Santoro have to raise her six children Alessio, Nino, Emie, the twins Maé and Mattia, and Alba the youngest. Added to this is the management of her new children’s clothing company, and her life as an influencer on social networks.

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Camille Santoro at its worst? She expresses herself on Instagram

Faced with this overflowing daily life, Camille Santoro seems to be having some difficulty in managing the mental load lately. Indeed, this Wednesday, February 22, she appeared with a sad face in a story on Instagram and declared to her many subscribers: “I’m just saying hello to you, I hope you’re well. I don’t have much to tell you, except that I spent my morning in silence. I needed to go back to basics and refocus a little on myself.”

Without giving any further explanation on the origin of his discomfort, Camille Santoro then published a photo with the following caption: “What you can hide behind makeup and a smile.”

Rather alarming messages that say a lot about the state of fatigue of the mother. However, this Thursday, February 23, Camille Santoro wanted to reassure her subscribers on Instagram by declaring that everything was fine. As usual, the former participant of Large families shared some sweet moments of her daily life with her children.

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