Camping 3 on TF1: the best joke of the film could not be done!

For his third adventure at the Flots Bleus campsite, broadcast this evening on TF1, Franck Dubosc almost crossed paths with another famous character: Brice de Nice, played by Jean Dujardin.

Tonight on TF1, Patrick Chirac is spending another summer at the Flots Bleus!

In this third part of the Camping saga produced in 2015 by Fabien Onteniente, the famous holidaymaker embodied by Franck Dubosc prepares like every year for two weeks on the Atlantic coast, with his friends Jacky and Laurette Pic, as well as Paulo Gatineau, who just divorced Sophie. But this year, Patrick arrives by carpooling, accompanied by three young people from Dijon who intend to share his tent.

Camping 3 almost offered its spectators a completely improbable encounter between the famous camper played by Dubosc and another famous hero of popular French cinema, also a lover of beautiful beaches: the surfer Brice de Nice, camped by Jean Dujardin. A cameo that Dubosc would have returned to his sidekick by coming in turn to pass a small head in Brice 3, released the same year.

However, as revealed by the actor at the microphone ofEuropean 1 in January 2016, the face-to-face unfortunately could not take place, due to scheduling conflicts:

“We called with Jean Dujardin, as we were filming next door, to make Brice de Nice and Patrick Chirac meet, and put them in each of the two films”had told Dubosc.

Christine Tamalet / 2016 Mandarin Production – JD Prod

“We wanted to do it. We tried to organize it, but since we had a lot of shooting hours in our respective films, we couldn’t do it. Just bump into each other, say nothing to each other, look at each other , like ‘we know each other?’. We missed the boat.”

What would you have thought of such a cross-over between the two franchises? What could the discussion between Brice and Patrick have looked like?

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