Campino: He admires that about Queen Elizabeth II.

He admires that about Queen Elizabeth II.

Campino is a fan of the British monarch.

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Campino, frontman of Die Toten Hosen, spoke in an interview about Queen Elizabeth II and his son’s plans for the future.

Singer Campino (59) has in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper raved about Queen Elizabeth II (96), who is celebrating her platinum anniversary with celebrations at the beginning of June: “The Queen is a stroke of luck for the monarchy,” says the Toten Hosen frontman. “‘Live to serve’, she followed this motto with admirable consistency and with a huge portion of humor,” he adds.

He wishes the British monarch “that she will not have a serious illness for a long time. For me she is a really great person”. Campino has a special connection to the British, since March 2019, as the son of a native Englishwoman, he has had British citizenship in addition to German.

Campino’s son has “a healthy level of disinterest”

In the interview, Campino also spoke about his son Lenn Julian (18), who ran at Milan Fashion Week last year. “He’s just a student who was approached while skateboarding if he wouldn’t like to model a bit to supplement his pocket money,” says the 59-year-old. “He was then relatively quick in Milan, but I think he can classify it well.”

Modeling is not a priority for him and he is well grounded. “In the skater scene he’s in, there are completely different things that are worth striving for anyway.” Campino rarely talks to his son about his own wild youth. “His curiosity is extremely limited in this area. He doesn’t stick to my lips to find out how awesome it used to be.” His son definitely has “a healthy level of disinterest in my career.”

The new Tote-Hosen album “Alles aus Liebe” will be released on May 27th. The band, founded in early 1982, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Campino also celebrates his 60th birthday on June 22nd.


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