can I deduct the funeral expenses of a relative from my taxes?

It is possible for heirs to deduct from their taxable income the funeral expenses paid for a deceased relative. Explanations.

Is it possible to deduct from one’s taxable income the funeral expenses of a parent or other ascendant (grandparent, great-grandparent, etc.)? The answer is yes, in one specific case. Indeed, the general tax code provides in its article 775 that funeral expenses are deductible from the assets of the estate for an amount of 1500 euros and even for all of the assets if they are less than this amount.

On the other hand, if these expenses paid for a deceased ascendant have not been deducted from the liabilities of the latter’s estate, the heirs then have the possibility of deducting funeral expenses, in the same way as alimony.

Fill in box 6GU of the tax return

This is what the Official Bulletin of Public Finances (Bofip-Impts), in the event that there are no estate assets to allow the charging of funeral expenses.

These costs are then declared as alimony paid to an ascendant in box 6GU of your tax return. This box called Other alimony paid (minor children, ascendants, etc.) is at the end of step 3 (chapter your expenses) of the online declaration or even page 4 in the Deductible expenses part of the paper declaration .

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In this case, the tax authorities may later ask you for supporting documents such as your maintenance obligation (parental relationship); actual payment of funeral expenses, as well as the document certifying that the deceased had no assets.

Tax return deadline

As a reminder, the deadline for the tax return in paper format has already passed, as well as for the online version if you live in the departments of 1 to 54. People who are in the departments of 55 and beyond have until to June 8 at 11:59 p.m. to do their spring chore.

Deadlines 2023 – online declaration
1 19 and non-resident householdsTHURSDAY May 2511:59 p.m.
20 54THURSDAY June 1st11:59 p.m.
55 and beyondTHURSDAY June 811:59 p.m.

Source: DGFiP

Passed the deadline, and in case of error or omission, your tax return form will still be accessible and editable on, until June 28.

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