Can the nitrites present in charcuterie make you diabetic?

Nitrites, as additives, are used, for example, to preserve ham better, and to give it a more appetizing pink colour. kuvona /

DECRYPTION – A large-scale French study published on Tuesday reports a potential excess risk for heavy consumers.

Hams, sausages, sandwiches… More than 15,000 products containing added nitrites or nitrates circulate on the French market. Their impact on our health has been closely scrutinized for years: already last summer, ANSES confirmed “the existence of an association between the risk of colorectal cancer and exposure” to these substances.

A new French study published this Tuesday in the journal Plos Medicine suggests this timean association between nitrite from additives and a potentially increased risk of type 2 diabetes», announces Bernard Srour, postdoctoral researcher at Inserm who co-directed the research. A chronic disease causing excess glucose in the blood, diabetes affects nearly 3.5 million people in France and can cause severe complications (myocardial infarction, heart or kidney failure, stroke, etc.). As a reminder, if type 1 diabetes, which occurs in childhood, is linked to a disruption of…

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