Can we assign “priority to French workers” over foreigners?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Marine Le Pen again defended this proposal during her debate with Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday evening. But is it possible?

THE QUESTION. Candidate for the presidential election for the third time, Marine Le Pen has made “national prioritya major focus of his campaign. During the debate against Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, she repeated her proposal to give the “job access priority” to the French. She had already defended this idea in March: guest of the show “Elysee 2022” on France 2, the candidate of the National Rally (RN) had indicated that “to equal competence, there will be priority given to French workers over foreign workers“. Relaunched on her remarks, she had specified that it would be “indicative” for employers and not “imperative“.

In November, she had already mentioned this aspect of her program on Franceinfo. “For employment, it is necessary that (the national priority) be possible“, she had indicated. But “business leaders will continue to do what they want. […] Business leaders must understand that, when we have five million unemployed, it must also be the French who can find a job.“, she had only explained, without giving details. In her final program, the candidate simply states that she wishes the “national priority for access to social housing and employment“.

But is it legally possible to assign priority to French people over foreigners, in terms of employment? How does the National Rally want to implement this track? And are there already restrictions on access to certain professions in France?

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