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If you need to send from the agent to a person, you surely know that the execution time varies depending on the deadlines of your bank, with a difference between internal transfer and operation to an account held in another bank. Differences that you can find with transfers during weekends. But then, what happens to the money transfers supposed to arrive on a Saturday or Sunday?

Transfers can be made at any time, even on Saturday and Sunday

It is first important to know how to distinguish a standard transfer from one made instantly. The first may take several hours or even days to arrive. While the instant version involves immediate disbursement of financial funds to the recipient’s account. Whether you use this operation during the day, night, weekdays, or weekends, the time it takes to deposit the money does not exceed 10 seconds. It is therefore possible to receive an instant transfer on Saturday or Sunday. Same advantage for transfers made in the same bank: from a current account to a savings account or vice versa.

Cases of impossible transfers on weekends

If we go beyond the framework previously mentioned and opt for a standard transfer, it is very likely that the recipient will have to wait until Monday of the following week. Indeed, since most banks are closed on Sundays and not very available on Saturdays, they do not process so-called “standard” requests made on Thursday or Friday. Permanent transfers, which arrive on a regular date, suffer the same fate: they are postponed to the Monday following the Saturday or Sunday on which they fall. So you know what type of operation to carry out if your need is urgent.

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