Can you grow medicinal plants at home?

The arrival of autumn brings its share of viral infections. How to fight a cold or cough? If drugs have proven their effectiveness, there are other more natural solutions, including medicinal plants and herbs. And if they are available in pharmacies, you can also grow them… at home.

Make infusions from its plants

“We can grow the aromatic plants that we use in the kitchen”, explains in Well done for you this Tuesday Caroline Gayet, nutritionist & herbalist. “Thyme, basil, sage, rosemary can grow on your balcony. All these plants, in their fresh state, can be made into infusions. And when you have a digestive problem, a small infusion of sage or rosemary will be able to relieve a small cold, since we are arriving in the cold season.”

If we know how to treat a cold, how to treat a gastric problem? “When you have a digestive disorder, a small infusion of sage or rosemary can help you”, details Caroline Gayet.

Herbs accessible to all: “Already, with basics that are relatively well known by the general public, we can manage to treat a lot of small daily injuries.”

Otherwise, where to get it?

When it comes to plants, make sure you choose your vendor carefully. “Herbalism is the most organized sector, we find it online in particular. Afterwards, you can also go directly to small producers. In the Paris region, it is difficult, but it is easier in the provinces to find producers in aromatic and medicinal plants which do things very well and which can also sell directly.”

However, the producers are not necessarily the “most competent” people to inform you about their use and their virtues. Last possibility: organic shops. They have corners with dried plants with many virtues.

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