Canal+ accuses TF1 of charging crazy prices to broadcast free channels

During the Canal+ group’s back-to-school conference given this Wednesday evening, the boss of the encrypted channel Maxime Saada returned to the dispute between him and TF1. The executive denounces the crazy prices asked by TF1 to broadcast free channels, even comparing the requirements of the One to those of big American studios like Sony or Universal.

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As you probably know, Canal+ decided on September 2, 2022 to cut the broadcasting of the TF1 group channels on its various offers. Since that date, Canal+ subscribers can no longer access TF1, TF1 Series Films, TMC, LCI and TFX. The reason ? The two groups failed to reach an agreement concerning the broadcasting of TF1 channels.

This cut still concerns 5.4 million households, including nearly 2 million located in the white zone and dependent on the TNT Sat service. This situation is already having visible consequences on the audiences of the TF1 channelssince the News of the One is regularly exceeded by the newspaper of France 2 since the cut of the signal.

Since the beginning of this affair, Canal+ has pointed the finger at the disproportionate financial demands of TF1, with an increase in the asking price of 50% if we are to believe the first statements of Maxime Saada. For the encrypted channel, it is incomprehensible to have to pay TF1 for channels available free of charge via DTT.

This Wednesday, September 14, the Canal+ group gave its back-to-school conference in its brand new premises in front of an audience of journalists. Of course, this affair was on everyone’s lips, and Maxime Saada did not escape questions from the media on the subject. The boss obviously said he was particularly concerned about this situation.

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The boss of Canal + denounces the delusional demands of TF1

This is a subject for us, especially at the dawn of the potential merger between TF1 and M6. If we start paying free channels sums that are now devoted to paid programs, we are in contradiction with what our subscribers want. Our subscribers don’t want to pay for channels that are free elsewhere. Explaining to someone that if he is not a Canal subscriber, it is free and that if he is a Canal subscriber, it becomes chargeable, it is incomprehensible for him”, he assures.

The leader of the group then drove the point home by stating that the financial demands of TF1 were delusional and worthy of large American groups : “The amounts we are told about are amounts that are comparable when we say that we signed with Sony and Universal. We are talking about these waters. It is not possible for us to go down a path like that which would be detrimental at some point for our subscribers, in one way or another”.

For the time being and in the absence of an agreement, the two groups have decided to settle the matter in court. TF1 filed a complaint against Canal+ on September 7, 2022 in the hope of obtaining the reinstatement of the channels on TNT Sat (a migration to the EutelSat satellite offer could be offered to TNT Sat customers if the situation persists). The decision on this subject is expected on September 22. On his side, Canal+ has filed a summons before the Commercial Court of Nanterre against the TF1 group for abuse of a dominant position on September 8, 2022.

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