Canal + condemned to the prud’hommes for the dismissal of Stéphane Guy

The leading voice of French football, Stéphane Guy had learned of his dismissal on Christmas Eve 2020.

The prud’hommes condemned Canal+ for the “dismissal without real and serious cause“From his former star commentator Stéphane Guy who will however appeal to have his dismissal annulled, his lawyer told AFP, confirming information from the Team.

According to a copy of the judgment of the Paris industrial tribunal, delivered on August 29 and consulted by AFP on Tuesday, the encrypted channel was ordered to pay him just over 260,000 euros in damages which will not be paid. before the decision on appeal.

Flagship voice of French football, Stéphane Guy had learned of his dismissal on Christmas Eve 2020, after 23 years at Canal +, for having supported comedian Sébastien Thoen, himself fired for a parody targeting CNews, the channel group information.

Partially satisfied»

Stéphane Guy had paid tribute on the air to his “friend“which, according to him, had not had”the release he deserved“. Remarks “culpritsbecause aiming atpublicly denigrateHis employer, according to Canal+, quoted in the judgment. The council decided: for him, “the reasons invoked for the dismissal do not appear to be serious enough“, but “violation of freedom of expressioninvoked by Stéphane Guy, supposed to nullify his dismissal, has not been demonstrated.

The journalist, who is demanding his reinstatement at Canal+, is “not disappointed but partially satisfied“, declared to AFP his lawyer, Olivier Khatchikian, estimating that “the board has not fully drawn conclusions from what it has identified“. “As soon as the board recognized that the remarks (by Stéphane Guy) were not defamatory and likely to justify his dismissal, the logical consequence was that there is a violation of the freedom of expression, which entails the nullity dismissal“, estimated the lawyer.

Asked by AFP, Canal + did not wish to comment.

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