Canceled series “Westworld”: Series creator wants an appropriate finale

Canceled series “Westworld”
Series creator wants an appropriate finale

Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher Nolan, wants to finish “Westworld” with dignity.

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The TV series “Westworld” was canceled after four seasons. But the screenwriter of the sci-fi drama doesn’t let that unsettle him.

The “Westworld” maker doesn’t let himself be unsettled. Two years ago, the sci-fi western series was surprisingly canceled due to low ratings. Screenwriter Jonathan Nolan (47) has since been trying to find a worthy end to the once celebrated television spectacle. “We want to finish the story we started. I’m so damn proud of what we did. It was an extraordinary experience,” he explained “The Hollywood Reporter” in an interview.

“I think it would be a mistake to look back and only feel regret [darüber, wie es endete]. But the desire to finish it is still very strong,” said the brother of Oscar winner Christopher Nolan (53). It also took him eight years and a new director to finish the Hollywood film “Interstellar” and the challenge then mastered.

“Westworld” was canceled from the program

At the beginning, “Westworld” thrilled viewers and critics alike. The TV series garnered 54 Emmy nominations and took home the award nine times. Recently, however, the ratings have fluctuated greatly and there has been criticism of the script. The drama was ultimately canceled and removed from the television program before the planned fifth season.

In addition, the broadcaster HBO took the series off its streaming platform and put it on free websites. Jonathan Nolan doesn’t see this as punishment. “The number of people you can reach with a free, ad-supported service is significantly higher than with a subscription service,” he emphasized in the interview.

Complex science fiction western drama

“Westworld” is about a futuristic theme park in which robots are used. These are intended to give visitors an authentic feeling of the Wild West. Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy developed a targeted game of confusion with ever new time levels. Many questions remained unanswered that could be resolved in a worthy finale.


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