Cancelo robbed and injured: brutal attack on Manchester City star

Cancelo robbed and injured
Brutal attack on Manchester City star

Manchester City actually wants to spend the time between the Brentford and Arsenal games in London. But the English champions change their plans and return to Manchester at short notice. This is the undoing of right-back Joao Cancelo.

João Cancelo was injured above the eye in a brutal attack. The Manchester City right-back reported on his Instagram account that his house had been broken into and all of his jewelry had been stolen. His club was “shocked and appalled” in a first statement. A decision about whether the 27-year-old will play against Arsenal on New Year’s Day should be made at short notice.

“Unfortunately, I was attacked today by four cowards who injured me and tried to harm my family,” the Portuguese wrote on his Instagram account next to a picture showing him with a deep wound over his eye: “This is, what happens if you defend yourself. They managed to steal all my jewelry and leave my face in this state. What nasty people there are. It is inexplicable to me. But the most important thing for me is my family and the Luck is all well. ”

Cancelo and the rest of Pep Guardiola’s side had originally planned to spend the time between matches at London’s Brentford on Wednesday and Arsenal on Saturday in the British capital. But instead the entourage of the English champion had returned to Manchester. That was the undoing of Cancelo.

Manchester City issued a statement confirming their support for the Portugal international, confirming that the police had opened an investigation into “this very serious matter” and that Cancelo was supporting them.

Break-ins in the stars of the Premier League occur with alarming regularity. For example, the English international Reece James was only robbed of his Champions League medal from his house in September. The right-back was traveling with his club, Chelsea, at the time of the break-in. This is how it should have been with Cancelo, but the last-minute changes to Manchester City’s plans now caused physical damage as well as the loss of his jewelry.

It was only this month that Arsenal’s Brazilian Gabriel was threatened with baseball bats by two intruders. However, he had managed to put the criminals on the run and stole a hat from them beforehand. One of the perpetrators could be convicted by means of a DNA test.

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