Cannes 2023 day 9: a festival dog and the death of cinema, the 7 moments that should not be missed

Find the best moments of the 9th day of the Cannes Film Festival edition 2023, during which an accredited dog was able to do a film session!

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Like every year, the AlloCiné team is present at the Cannes Film Festival to make you experience the event, and like every day on the Croisette, film news rubbed shoulders with the surprising and even the improbable! Here is what to remember from the 9th day of competition:

Accreditation that has dog

Apparently, a dog managed to enter one of the cinemas at the Palais des Festivals? Did he sneak in there quietly? Did he escape the order service? Not at all: he had an accreditation! A lady arrived with her dog, both having accreditation, there was no question of preventing them from accessing the room!

The story does not say if this dog belonged to this lady or if he was one of the competitors for the Palme dog, the prize which rewards each year the “best canine performance on the big screen” of the Festival. Anyway, the pooch has seen a movie! Let’s hope he had a good place without however taking that of a festival-goer.

The movie that made us hungry

In Cannes, the pace is so intense that it is sometimes difficult to take the time to eat properly. On an empty stomach, you find yourself chaining screenings and interviews, obviously not daring to take along, as we usually do in theaters, the famous little snack. Gradually you get used to this state of affairs and become insensitive to the hunger that torments you… Until La Passion de Dodin Bouffant by Tran Anh Hung arrives!

Close shots of the most elaborate dishes (concocted for the occasion by the great chef Pierre Gagnaire himself), precision gestures by Juliette Binoche and Benoît Magimel to best prepare them, gourmet discussions with scientific precision… Everything looks delicious, everything is opulent and refined. The film presented in Competition is a true celebration of French gastronomy and… a permanent temptation, rousing our forgotten stomachs with a crash.


And speaking of food…

It is a tradition of the Cannes Film Festival: every year, the Town Hall invites accredited journalists to a Provençal lunch on the Place de la Castre in the historic district of Le Suquet on the heights of the Croisette. The opportunity to taste a delicious aioli and a diptych chard tart / lemon meringue tart for dessert, in a friendly atmosphere, in the presence of the full Jury. Sharing an aioli with Julia Ducournau, Denis Ménochet (here in the center of the photo having fun with its President Ruben Ostlund in front of our lens), Paul Dano or Captain Marvel, alias Brie Larson, you can’t refuse!


After Scorsese and the Native Americans, another genocide denounced

With The Settlers, Felipe Gálvez directs a first political feature film which adopts the codes of the western by drawing silhouettes on horseback in the setting sun on a musical composition which is also part of the genre. But it is not in this vein that the film is the best. He takes more by the throat when he imposes his own style, which consists in particular of constant changes of tone.


The story takes place in Chile in the 19th century. A landowner hires a Chilean laborer, a Scottish lieutenant and an American mercenary to carve a route through his vast territory. In fact, their expedition will lead to a massacre of the local population. Les Colons denounces this genocide without ever seeming to give a history lesson, and remaining close to its characters. A success.

Happy birthday Warner Bros. !

In 2023, Warner Bros. celebrate their 100th anniversary. A historic and symbolic milestone for a Hollywood major as inescapable as the legendary water tower which dominates its sets, and whose documentary filmmaker Leslie Iwerks tells the story in a series presented at Cannes Classics.

Rich in illustrations, anecdotes and encounters (Scorsese, Eastwood, Nolan, Burton, Friedkin to name a few…), the episodes show us the major turning points of a studio which “survived, invented and reinvented for ten decades and continued to push the boundaries of creativity, storytelling, commerce and innovation.” To celebrate this anniversary on the Croisette, a pretty gourmet structure in the colors of Warner decorated the interview room. We didn’t dare taste it, for fear of making this sweet edifice crumble lamentably. But the temptation was great…


Will cinema die?

Forty years after the documentary Chambre 666 by Wim Wenders, Lubna Playoust uses the same device in Chambre 999: a unique place, a camera, a filmmaker and a few minutes to answer the question “Is cinema a language in the making? to get lost, an art that will die? Thirty filmmakers, from Wim Wenders to Audrey Diwan via David Cronenberg or Agnès Jaoui thus deliver their thoughts on the state and future of the 7th Art in a world saturated with content and images, and dominated by streaming giants .

The conversation initiated by the film continued in the press conference room, where some of the talents invited in the documentary continued their discussions in public. Among them, Monia Chokri, who launches with her outspoken Quebecois: “Afterwards, we are in a rich environment. So it’s a bit ungrateful to cry… It’s embarrassing when you’re here in Cannes, in a Gucci or Chanel dress, to say that the cinema is going badly…”


Young people dare to trust in Cannes!

Motor Project, seventh! Since 2015, on the initiative of its founder Caroline Sénéclauze, the Motor Project! provides support, accompaniment and concrete actions to give confidence to thousands of young people across France so that they reveal their full potential. The objective: to include, to create links, to reduce social inequalities and to give every chance… to equal opportunities.

The new promotion of winners had, as every year, an appointment in Cannes for two days full of emotions: discovery of the Cannes train station decorated with the portraits of 25 young people (selected from a short video dedicated to an inspiring person) , meeting with CNC/Youtube talents, exchange at FNAC, interview with some media, visit of the AlloCiné boat… and today climbing the steps in gala outfits.

See you tomorrow for new encounters, surprises and of course… good films!

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