Capcom Announces Tokyo Game Show Showcase Featuring Street Fighter 6

The Gamescom hasn’t even passed yet that we already have information on the other big show for the start of the new school year, the Tokyo Game Show. While waiting to find out if the Opening Night Live will live up to expectations, we already know that the bulk of the publisher’s announcements Capcom should take place a little later, during the Japanese show. We now know a little more about what to expect, since Capcom has detailed its schedule for the Tokyo Game Show.

Fighting, dinos, and surprises?

Capcom first gives us an appointment on September 15 at 4 p.m. (French time) for his Tokyo Game Show 2022 Capcom Online Programwhich is nothing but a showcase where the publisher will talk about several games.

We should logically have news of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (updates), DLC of Resident Evil Villageof Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collectionand of course,Exoprimal. We necessarily hope for surprises such as the return of Pragmatascheduled for 2023, but we will avoid betting on it.

street fighter 6 will obviously be able to pass a head during the showcase, but he will instead book himself for his own show which will air an hour later. We imagine that other characters will be revealed, and that a lot of gameplay will be shown.

As a reminder, the Tokyo Game Show will take place from September 15 to 18.

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