Capgemini, Alstom and Thales go metaverse for their onboarding

Death the metaverse? Not yet. Not to mention that the term covers many technologies, with or without blockchain in particular. If Meta now displays priorities focused on AI, the giant has not deserted VR and immersive environments.

Lucas Boujard, Sales Manager EMEA South of Gafam, came to testify on June 1 during the IMAgine Day dedicated to the metaverse. But users are also present, like Bertrand Cheyrou, head of Capgemini’s SK Les Fontaines campus.

A virtual campus complementary to video

Accompanied by Maestria Blockchain, the manager set up an isometric 2D metaverse for the Ile-de-France site hosting ESN universities, but also training and events.

Les Fontaines is 50 hectares, a 19th century castle, 60 meeting rooms, 300 bedrooms, a 450-seat auditorium. “In-person, physical, classic pre-covid”, as Bertrand Cheyrou describes it. With the pandemic, “we had to find new solutions.”

Videoconferencing as offered by solutions like Teams, Meet, Zoom…? “I quickly became very dissatisfied,” says the leader. And not for technical reasons. “The meeting was missing (…) I asked Maestria to work, not on a platform, but on a place.”

This place means in particular the use of an avatar and movements. “I wanted to give freedom to individuals, the organizers as well as the participants”, insists Bertrand Cheyrou. To allow networking, meetings and “happy collisions”, a virtual campus in isometric 2D was born.

Simple access from PC or smartphone

“We chose to take a place inspired by the real place and for that to refer to strong architectural markers of the place. Why? Because they are constituent elements of our brand.”

To connect, there is no need to wear a virtual reality headset. A simple PC or smartphone is sufficient. The virtual place allows you to move between spaces and services, for example to join a plenary conference or a workshop.

The metaverse is notably connected to more traditional videoconferencing applications. Thanks to these functionalities, the virtual campus hosts business seminars and training courses. It will soon host Capgemini’s onboarding operations.

Metavers also at Sopra Steria, Thales, Alstom, TF1…

Other large groups are developing comparable uses, such as Sopra Steria, also on the onboarding of new employees, Alstom or Thales. At the defense group, the trigger was also the Covid, even if developments have continued since.

In partnership with Kwark Education, Thales has designed a digital twin for its campus in Vélizy. His first use case for the metaverse: onboarding, again. The company welcomes 11,000 new employees every year.

“We are in the process of designing this experience (…) During these mornings, we will bring 100 employees, initially from Europe”, explains Amélie Bideau, Head of Digital Learning.

During these events, the intervention of the CEO of Thales and collaborative experiences to promote interactions between users. “We would like to make an escape game in the metaverse”, provides the Thales training expert.

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