Capgemini: The Capgemini group extends its partnership with Google in AI, the market appreciates


(BFM Bourse) – The digital services company is at the top of the CAC 40 after announcing a “major” extension of its partnership with Google Cloud in data and artificial intelligence.

The enthusiasm around artificial intelligence has created a fashion effect that has not left investors indifferent. Tuesday, Nvidia crossed the symbolic bar of 1000 billion dollars of capitalization on Wall Street, a first for a manufacturer of semiconductors.

The graphics processor specialist is benefiting from the stock market frenzy around the rise of ChatGPT, and, more broadly, generative artificial intelligence (AI). The American group indeed dominates the market for graphics chips and they are essential for advanced tasks and applications in artificial intelligence.

Result: Nvidia is experiencing unprecedented enthusiasm with a title that has soared 180% since the start of the year. So investors are now looking for the next nugget that could benefit from the rise of generative artificial intelligence. And some would have found in Capgemini the chosen one.

The digital services company (ESN) announced Tuesday evening after the closing, a “major” extension of its long-standing strategic partnership with Google Cloud in data analysis and artificial intelligence.

The French ESN will use Google Cloud’s generative AI to develop a rich library of more than 500 industrial use cases. The use cases will provide a model for customers to successfully identify, deploy and maximize generative AI capabilities to achieve their business transformation goal.

“Capgemini will bring its deep industry expertise and considerable generative AI experience to help customers realize the benefits of GoogleCloud’s generative AI solutions and uncover new sources of business value,” said Aiman ​​Ezzat, CEO of Capgemini.

An opportunity”

And the stock market reaction lives up to the markets’ hopes. The title occupies the head of the CAC 40 thanks to a gain of 7% to 163.75 euros, around 3:45 p.m. With this announcement, the market is therefore convinced of the positive effects of generative AI on Capgemini’s activity and secretly hopes for a stock market fate similar to the American Nvidia.

Its managing director Aiman ​​Ezzat said in early May during the conference call following the publication of its first quarter revenue that Capgemini, had “already worked a lot in terms of projects in generative AI even before ChatGPT became popular “, he replied.

Seeing this emergence as “an opportunity”, the leader stressed that generative AI should help fight the “talent shortage”, which is hitting the sector, by improving productivity in several areas, even if this will not happen ” overnight”. This will, of course, be integrated into the group’s “pricing”, but, for all that, margins will continue to increase thanks to the positive impact on productivity, he concluded.

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