Capital Bra: He used to be addicted to the pain reliever tilidine

Capital Bra used to be addicted to Tilidine. In an interview, the rapper spoke more openly than rarely about his addiction.

Rapper Capital Bra (25, "Berlin is alive") spoke more openly than ever before about his previous addiction to tilidin. The Berliner described his experiences with the prescription drug to the NDR research format "STRG_F", how he came into contact with it and what prompted him to consume it regularly. With his descriptions he wanted to warn against the pain medication today.

"The first time was the worst crash," admits the rapper. He vomited for two days and just lay in bed. After that, he started using tilidine regularly with his friends. Above all, boredom drove it: "Imagine, you have no money, you are in Hohenschönhausen. You all hang out together. Everyone has a little change in their pockets and you have to get around the day somehow," he said 25 year olds. And further: "You don't go swinging when you are 15. One person fetches grass, one person fetches Tilidin, then you just chill the whole day. And every day from the beginning."

Everything was getting too much for him

In the end, he was addicted. He couldn't do without it: "You sit there like a cracked junkie," said Capital Bra. Tilidin also accompanied him at the beginning of his rap career. He repressed stress, after all, he was a star "all of a sudden": "We took it to get by. Because everything is too much, everyone takes photos." At some point, however, the situation slipped out of his hand: "At some point it will also affect your head. If you no longer have control over something, it sucks," explains Capital Bra.

But he also wanted to get clean for his children: "I wanted to pick up my children from kindergarten too. I didn't want to be foggy or whatever," said the rapper. Escape from the drug has become very difficult: "For the first two days you think it's bad, but then it gets bad." If you can hold out for a month, you've made it.

He warns his fans

Today the rapper, who has addressed Tilidin in 16 of his songs since 2016, wants to warn against it. It was not his intention to portray consumption as "cool". He just wanted to show how he lived. He therefore has a message for fans who would want to imitate him because of his lyrics: If you want to try it out and be cool, try it. But he's fucked after that. You have to know that for sure, "says the rapper.