Capital Bra: Rapper about the end of his collaboration with Samra

Capital Bra
Rapper about the end of his collaboration with Samra

Capital Bra (left) and Samra at an event in Berlin

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Capital Bra and Samra, two of the most successful musicians in Germany, will apparently go their separate ways in the future.

The two rappers Capital Bra (26) and Samra (26) are among the most successful German artists in recent years. "Berlin lives 2", a collaboration album by the two of them from 2019, landed roughly at number one in the charts determined by GfK Entertainment. For a long time they were considered inseparable, but apparently the two will no longer work together in the future. This is suggested by an Instagram post from Capital Bra.

The rapper explains that Samra was "like a brother" to him, that their families know each other, and that his colleague's mother loves Capital Bra like his own. Management, producers, sales – everything is the same for both of them. Only one thing is different: "You let people who weren't there before the success came to convince you that I wouldn't grant you your success – and you just believe the shit."

"No promo move"

He also released a new song called "The Eyes Never Lie Chico". In this, Capital Bra explains about joint recordings of the two, among other things: "You have changed and I'll tell you why (…) / It's the people around you (…)". It would never be the way it used to be. This is "not a promo move".

At the same time, Capital Bra wrote on Instagram that Samra would continue to be "one of the best rappers" for him. Nor is it a diss. The musician just wants to express what he feels. On his way further he wishes Samra "only the best".