Captain Tsubasa: Rise of the New Champions, Freestyle Matches mode, new route and new DLC, new comes with 1.40

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions has not been entitled to any major novelty since its third wave of DLCs almost a year ago. Bandai Namco Games did not set it aside, however, making minor additions and occasional technical updates over the months. He hits even harder this week with a patch numbered 1.40already succeeded by another numbered 1.41 to refine it technically.

It already brings new scripted elements to the mode New Hero Episodevia a road dedicated to Hirado MS and more particularly to Jito and Sano. The big novelty, however, remains The mode Freestyle Matchesa more fun version of the classic games with a digitally augmented terrain, power upsfrom boosts and penalties. Several important changes and new features are also listed in the changelog below.

In parallel, the new extension Rising Stars Episode will be delivered on PC, PS4 and Switch this March 31, with a first part allowing to appreciate alternative scenarios around Misaki, Matsuyama and Schneider. 2 other parts will follow for buyers, each time with 3 additional athletes.

Version 1.40

  • New Route Hirado MS has been added to New Hero Episode.
  • You can now play Freestyle Matches, a new mode where the field goes digital and items offer a whole new level of strategy.
  • Episode: Rising Stars DLC has been added.
    • By completing the DLC story, you gain access to a player with different skills for each story.
    • Downloadable content must be purchased separately and downloaded to use.

  • Game Assist, a feature that supports the user interface as well as controls for actions during matches, has been added.
  • A Shop option has been added to the main menu.
  • Items related to Freestyle Matches have been added to the PP Shop and CC Shop.
  • A delay system for actions during online matches has been added and the communication system has been updated.
  • To improve connectivity, the Critical Defense animation for all tackle moves has been changed.
  • An antenna showing the strength of your opponent’s network connection has been added to the online pre-match screen.
  • When matchmaking online, you will no longer be matched against an opponent whose network connection is extremely poor.
  • In Division matches, the maximum number of usable custom players can now change.
  • In Division matches, player skills and moves are now unlocked for customization from the start.
  • Some Shot Moves were exiting a distance away from where they were activated. They will now be fired from where they were activated.
  • Changed the detection range of all block movement upon activation from a cone to a circle.
  • Descriptions and effects of some moves/skills have been adjusted.
  • Stability improvements have been made.

Version 1.41

  • Stability improvements have been made.

For latecomers, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is available from €24.99 on

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