Capucine Anav as a couple during her meeting with Victor: behind the scenes of their “love at first sight”

Nasturtium Anav no longer intends to hide his happiness. During a stay in the Maldives, her companion for almost two years Victor Dumas asked her for an engagement. He then did it again during their vacation in Dubai. Now that it’s official, the beautiful 30-year-old brunette confided in her relationship without filter. The opportunity to discover how the bride and groom met.

It is near Paris Match that Capucine Anav opened up about her happiness which began in 2020. Thus, readers can discover that She and Victor have known each other since they were 10 years old.because their parents are friends. When they were younger, they all went together to Saint-Tropez for a vacation. But at the time, neither was interested. “We are two years apart which can seem big when you’re a young teenager. For me it was a small“, specified the actress of the play The Switch. It is therefore from afar that she observed the success of the charming blond with the girls of high school. She was “in a serious relationship“. But fate ended up bringing them together again.

While she was shopping, at the end of 2019, Capucine fell on Victor after losing sight of him for twelve years. She quickly noticed that he had changed a lot. “While talking, we realized that we lived in the same Parisian building. It was crazy. But at the time, I was still in another relationship. Then, five months later, confinement arrived. I began at that time to question my sentimental history. One evening, to take my mind off things, I met up with Victor and his brother for a board game night. And there, it was obvious, love at first sight“, continued the young woman.

A princess wedding for Capucine Anav

Victor, who is an insurance broker, and Capucine have therefore ended up as a couple. “Corn first I had to separate“, she said. They then moved in together very quickly, during confinement. And since then, they have been swimming in happiness. A happiness that has multiplied since their engagement at the end of January. A request that she did not expect. “He originally wanted to propose to me in the desert in Dubai, where we have been before, because he knew it was a place where I was not likely to suspect anything. But he had to revise his plans at the last moment, and he finally got down on one knee in the Maldives. And I’m very happy that this is the place where this moment took place, because it was magic“, said the one who lives a real “fairy tale”.

Victor did things right since he asked permission from Capucine’s dad before taking this new step. From now on, the lovers will devote themselves to their marriage. And there will be work because the former candidate of Secret Story (2012) intends to have a princess wedding in 2023, probably in September. “I wanted to get married at the Palace of Versailles. I called to find out the second I was engaged. But they dashed my hopes by telling me that was not possible. There is no authorization to get married in this high heritage site. So maybe we’ll find a place in the south or somewhere else, we’re thinking. And there will be 300 or 400 guests ! It’s a moment that will only happen once in our lives and that I’ve been thinking about since I was little. I want the princess outfit, the same dress as Kate Middleton, the total“, she concluded.

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