Capucine Anav as a couple: luxury holidays in Dubai with Victor

While she had relationships with comedian Kev Adams and comedian Jeremy Ferrari, then been in a relationship with Louis Sarkozy (the son of the former head of state) and more recently with Alain Delon’s son, Alain-Fabien, Capucine, for whom “loneliness is a real anxiety”, confided feeling fulfilled in her relationship with Victor, her new prince charming who works in finance. Last December, she said she was ready to become a mother.

After debuting in theater in 2017 in the play The Saturday Night Bean ofEric Delcourt at the Apollo, the young woman continued the experiment in A quiet weekend ofAlil Vardar at the theater of La Grande Comédie and on tour throughout France. This year it is in The Switch of Marc Fayet with a scene Luq Hamett let the old glory of TV shine. In this comedy on the subject of adultery, she plays the role of Line, mistress of a man whom she does not know has been married for 10 years.

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