Capucine Anav future mother: she is pregnant with her first child!

The life of Nasturtium Anav and her darling Victor will take a completely different turn in a few months. As the magazine reveals Audience this Friday, June 17, the 31-year-old actress is pregnant with her first child, a baby expected by the end of the year. Staying in Marrakech with her lover Victor, the insurance broker who has shared her life for two years, the pretty brunette has revealed her forms as a future mother. With a plump belly but above all a smile from ear to ear, Capucine Anav finally realizes the dream she had so much enjoyed imagining, not without some difficulty.

Last February, in an interview with the magazine Paris MatchCapucine Anav did not hide the fact that having a child required much more patience than expected with Victor: “We’ve been trying to conceive for a year. Unfortunately, it’s a complicated path strewn with pitfallsshe said. We had medical appointments to carry out all the necessary examinations, and everything is fine. It’s frustrating and emotionally difficult at times, and I hope we get through it.“Hope gives life and she was right to believe in it!

At the end of the year, Capucine Anav will therefore become a mother for the first time. A role she has been quietly preparing for years. She who wants to educate her children in “kindness” refuses, for example, to transmit his stress to them: “I don’t want to pass on my anxiety to them. The world we live in is already very difficult, we must not add to it.“Work will also wait:”When I become a mother, I will take a short break to devote myself to my family. I’ve been waiting for this all my life, so I’ll make the most of it.”

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