Capucine Anav pregnant: who is Victor, the father of her baby?

This is the good news of the day! Nasturtium Anav is pregnant with her first child, said Audience. The actress will therefore become a mother for the first time at 31, the arrival of the baby being planned for the end of the year. While waiting to see her belly grow more and more, Capucine Anav savors her happiness with Victor Dumas, the future dad who has shared her life for two years. Who is he ?

Aged 29, Victor Dumas is an entrepreneur and wealth management advisor. After studying at IDRAC, a renowned business school, he cut his teeth at Predictis, a company specializing in supporting financial projects. Since 2019, he has even become a shareholder of the Premium Group which manages the company. Just like his darling Capucine Anav, Victor Dumas loves to travel and discover dream landscapes.

It was during one of their heavenly stays in the Maldives that he knelt down: “He originally wanted to propose to me in the desert in Dubai, where we have been before, because he knew it was a place where I was not likely to suspect anything. But he had to revise his plans at the last moment, and he finally got down on one knee in the Maldives. And I’m very happy that this is the place where this moment took place, because it was magic” said Capucine Anav to Paris Match.

Her love story with Victor began in 2020. At the time, the actress had no idea that this childhood friend, lost to sight and found in the aisles of a supermarket, was in fact the man of his life : “While talking, we realized that we lived in the same Parisian building. It was crazy. But at the time, I was still in another relationship. Then, five months later, confinement arrived. I began at that time to question my sentimental history. One evening, to take my mind off things, I met up with Victor and his brother for an evening of board games. And there, it was obvious, love at first sight.”

Two years after this decisive reunion, Capucine Anav and Victor Dumas are indeed certain of their feelings and of wanting to build their life together. Within 6 months, they will become parents for the first time. The sex of the baby is not yet known but one thing is certain, this first child will have the privilege of attending his parents’ wedding. A ceremony that already promises to be grandiose: “Maybe we’ll find a place in the south or somewhere else, we’re thinking. And there will be 300 or 400 guests! It’s a moment that will only happen once in our lives and that I’ve been thinking about since I was little. I want the princess outfit, the same dress as Kate Middleton, the total.” We can not wait to see the result !

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