Car collision – 65-year-old surprised by horses: total loss

A 65-year-old car driver was surprised by two horses on Saturday afternoon between Obereisenbach and Bodnegg in the German Lake Constance area, near the Vorarlberg border. The animals ran head-on on the road to the handlebars, who immediately braked hard. However, the 65-year-old was no longer able to prevent the collision with the escaped four-legged friend.

The 65-year-old driver of a Ford Focus probably couldn’t believe his eyes when he drove the L 326 between Obereisenbach and Bodnegg shortly before 1.30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. At the Linden junction, two horses ran towards him. Although the driver immediately initiated emergency braking, he was no longer able to prevent the collision with the four-legged friends. After the crash, the horses ran away. One of the horses was seriously injured in the collision and later had to be treated by a doctor at the equine clinic. For reasons that have not yet been clarified, the two runaways were able to overcome the proper fencing of the paddock. The Ford suffered an economic total loss. However, the driver and his co-driver were uninjured.
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