Caramel pudding: This recipe from grandma is a real comforter

caramel pudding
Grandma’s 6-ingredient recipe is a real comforter

This creamy caramel pudding lets us forget the stress of everyday life for a moment.


When we’re not feeling well, a sweet comforter can work wonders. How about, for example, a delicious caramel pudding like grandma used to make?

Everyone just has a bad day every now and then. Maybe because of the weather, because you were transferred at the last second or because the working day was particularly stressful. Sometimes only a real soul food recipe can help. And what comforts better than a homemade caramel pudding like grandma used to make?

Like grandma’s comforter: the 6-ingredient caramel pudding is so delicious

The culinary encouragement in the form of a caramel pudding is super easy to make yourself and consists of just six ingredients that almost everyone has at home. Of course you can also prepare the delicious sweet temptation as the culmination of a wonderful day with your loved ones. Whether as a comforter or as the icing on the cake – this 6-ingredient caramel pudding puts a smile on our faces. You can find out the recipe in the video.

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