Caring for hair: test salon treatments

Loss brake

Stop for hair loss

BIRGIT POTZKAI, PRODUCER, doesn't have as much hair as before and would like to change that

When hormones and stress make the splendor disappear, the "Intensive treatment against hair loss" from La Biosthetique offers help. With ginseng, burdock root, trace elements and vitamins, it increases the number of active hair roots. After the application of the ampoule part by part, there is a head and neck massage as well as care advice and an intensive treatment. The rest of the products are done at home.

How was it? "Great! I had only used hair loss products sporadically. This almost holistic approach with shampoo, care and ampoules goes beyond that."

Where's that? In salons from La Biosthétique, price: from 28 euros, tested at "SevenSenses", Große Bleichen 21, Hamburg,

Stability pact

Resistance to hair breakage

CHARLOTTE SCHWARCK, EDITOR, worries because her long hair is slowly becoming brittle

The "Keratriplex 2-Step Repair Treatment" by Paul Mitchell strengthens weak, damaged hair. First, deep cleansing shampoo is used, then the ampoule is sprayed strand by strand with the keratin hair building block obtained from sheep's wool, warmed and additionally intensified with a mask. After washing out, an acidic rinse closes the cuticle again.

How was it? "I am thrilled. My hair now feels silky, but not weighted and is full of bounce. Funnily enough, my tips now look like freshly cut."

Where's that? In salons by Paul Mitchell, price: from 35 euros, tested at "Hair Spa Hamburg", Schiffbeker Weg 82, Hamburg,

Hair repair

Suppleness through oils

SHAN RAHIMKHAN, STAR-HAIRDRESSER, runs two salons in Berlin and developed her own hair care line

"My personal favorite is our" Intensive Repair Treatment "- ideal for all hair types that need more attention. It works in two steps: A mix of high-quality oils such as Pataua, Argan and Camellia oil soothes the scalp. Then it works Treatment under cling film or a warm cloth. Rinse, dry, and the hair is more resistant and shiny. "

The result: "Soothing. The antibacterial properties of the oils also help with itching and dandruff. It gives the hair suppleness and the effect lasts for around 24 washes."

Where's that? In salons by Shan Rahimkhan, price: from 30 euros, e.g. at "Shan Rahimkhan Coiffeur", Markgrafenstr. 36, Berlin,

Strong in color

Protection and care when dyeing

ABENAA NAMSLAU, EDITOR, often has brittle and porous hair due to her frizzy and heat styling

The "A CPlex" treatment is a three-part system that protects the hair structure during coloring, bleaching or chemical shaping with an active ingredient complex of proteins and amino acids. Color or shape results are not affected by this. The treatment with the first solution is followed by intensive care. The third step is the home cure, which continues to protect you.

How was it? "I was really pleasantly surprised. Even my really brittle hair feels much more resistant after the treatment."

Where's that? In Alcina salons, price: from 20 euros, tested by "Friseur und Schönwerkstatt", Kapellenweg 107, Hamburg,


Scalp massage

MARC BOATS, ORGANIC STARFRISEUR, operates its own institute in Düsseldorf and its own cosmetics line

"I rely on the power of nature for my treatments. The two-hour" scalp zone treatment "from monastery medicine soothes a hair bottom that has gotten out of hand, combats dandruff formation, excess fat and hair loss. Plant extracts of rosemary are suitable for the condition of the hair and scalp , Lavender or gentian massaged in with an acupressure massage. This cools and improves the blood circulation and is removed with a gently peeling sea salt pack. "

The result: "The scalp feels free, airy and lively. The pH is balanced and the hair bottom can perform its healthy function for strong hair growth."

Where's that? At the Institut Marc Booten, price from 140 euros, Tußmannstr. 70, Düsseldorf,

Film ready

Lots of shine

LEA DIEMEL-RELLECKE, EDITOR, sometimes finds her hair dull and was looking for a quick fix

For brittle heads, the "K-Water" salon application from Kérastase can be the key to the dream mane. The secret: a hair fluid that is massaged into damp hair by the hairdresser after washing and rinsed out again. The mixture of particularly small and ultra-light care molecules, amino acids and proteins forms a fine lamellar film on the hair that optimally reflects light.

How was it? "I was asked that my hair looked so shiny and healthy. Unfortunately, the effect waned after the second wash. It's great if you want to look great before an event."

Where's that? In Kérastase salons, price: from 10 euros, tested at "Haarkunst Madeline Salchow", Eppendorfer Landstrasse 13, Hamburg,

Growth spurt

Hair strengthening

DR. MED. SEBASTIAN KAHL, DERMATOLOGE, examines and treats not only skin and vein diseases but also hair problems

"Mesotherapy with dermatologists reduces hereditary hair loss and stimulates new growth. A cocktail of active ingredients is injected into the scalp – vitamins, blood circulation-enhancing caffeine, panthenol for cell regeneration. The treatment is continued for up to six weeks with one or two sessions per week. "

The result: "Often, stronger hair grows back within three months. Patients who respond well can hope for long-term effects. Occasionally, however, regular treatment is required."

Where's that? In dermatological practices, price: from 130 euros, z. B. Dermatology MVZ Dr. Schaart, Poststr. 2, Hamburg,

No flight

Anti-frizz quickie

ALEXANDRA BUSSE-RICHTER, EDITOR, tried to tame her flying hair with a lot of moisture

The "Moisture Kick Treatment" from Aveda stops flying hair. First we wash – including a head massage with essential oils. A care complex and vegetable oils bind moisture, and the multi-combed serum deepens the effect. Then a conditioner seals the hair. In contrast to glossing, the fabrics do not lie around the hair as a layer, but should accumulate in them.

How was it? "I immediately ordered the treatment to cut the ends. I now find my hair really nice and soft again. And every appearance of frizz is gone."

Where's that? In salons from Aveda, price: from 15 euros, tested at "Salon Walter and Krüger", Poststrasse 36, Hamburg,

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