Carl Philip and Sofia from Sweden: Sweet new picture of their sons in summer look

Carl Philip and Sofia from Sweden have shared a new picture of their sons Alexander and Gabriel. They herald in their summer vacation.

They grew up! Prince Carl Philip (41) and Princess Sofia (35) of Sweden have shared a new photo of their sons on Instagram. The Mini-Royals are in a good mood. Alexander (4) and Gabriel (2) from Sweden present themselves in a summery partner look: the two blond heads wear a white top, short bermudas and blue slip-ons.

Alexander protects himself from the sun with a brown hat. The brothers sit on a wicker basket in a green meadow. The picture was taken in Södermanland, a landscape southwest of Stockholm. The couple recently shared a family snapshot in early April. Gabriel and Alexander look much younger on it.

Because of Corona: vacation at home

"We wish (…) a nice summer!" Comment Carl Carl and Sofia the picture. With regard to the Corona crisis, the royals also write that this year some Swedes will spend their holidays in their own country. Therefore, the couple plans to tell its followers on Instagram which corners of the country they will be in this summer. In doing so, they want to show "that our beautiful country offers fantastic opportunities for fun, wonder and activity".