Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden: this false paparazzi which allowed him to cover up a big scandal

Flashback. The scandal started from a book, Carl XVI Gustaf, Den motvillige monarken (to be translated as Carl XVI Gustaf, Sovereign in spite of himself), written by three journalists: Thomas Sjöberg, Tove Meyer and Deanne Rauscher. Released in Sweden on Thursday November 4, 2010, the book quickly sold out. This work, criticized for its lack of sources and some dubious anecdotes, mainly revealed a game in which the King of Sweden happily played with his friends. The crowned head invited young women to entertain them after meals. Allegations which have obviously tainted the crown.

But more than ten years after the book’s release, Karin Lennmor, former editor-in-chief of Svensk Damtidning, a Swedish celebrity magazine, revealed that it had collaborated with the Palace and the King himself to silence the rumors. For good reason, the royal family needed the press to give a good image of itself and the press needed the royal family to sell. The journalist spoke about the paparazzade that she organized at the request of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, in 2010. As a reminder, a paparazzade in journalistic jargon is a photo session organized by a paparazzi, who intended to give the impression that the personality is being photographed without their knowledge, even though they have negotiated the session beforehand. The editor had the idea of ​​photographing the king and his wife walking their dogs more united than ever in order to improve their image. The royal family’s image crisis only lasted a short time.

⋙ PHOTOS – Victoria of Sweden, Mary of Denmark, Margrethe II… The royal family of Sweden and their guests “dressed up” for the golden jubilee of Carl XVI Gustaf

Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden spoke out on the day of the scandal

In response to the allegations, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden held a press conference broadcast live on television on the evening of November 4. On the agenda: a brief and factual statement. The king first reported that he had no “didn’t have time to read the book”. Before adding that: “What happened happened a long time ago”. “I spoke about it with my family and with the Queen, we are turning the page, we are moving forward” he concluded.

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