Carla Bruni appears with a “sunburn” effect coloring


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Fans of the star will undoubtedly have noticed it immediately, Carla Bruni dared the “sunburn” effect in her hair after returning from vacation: and we validate 100%!

Not long ago, the interpreter of Someone told me posted several pictures of her on her arrival in Venice on the occasion of the 78th edition of the Mostra (Venice International Film Festival), where a veritable parade of celebrities on the red carpet of the event took place! What is certain is that Carla Bruni was delighted to be back in her native country.

And it is all smiles and with an impeccable tan that the former first lady posted herself on the social network Instagram with a fairly explicit caption: 🇮🇹 Guess where I am?… .. (hint: I am in one of the most beautiful cities in the world) ”. Naturally, without a bit of makeup and with her hair slightly lightened under the Venetian sun, the beauty is radiant! Level look, simple jeans and a black tank top, far from the rhinestones and sequins of the red carpet of the Mostra.

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What is the sun effect on hair?

And what jumps out at us in her pictures is the just gorgeous sun effect that Carla Bruni displays in her hair, and which brings out her tanned complexion with the tan and her clear eyes. The “sun effect” or “sunburn” trend consists of lightening the hair, but only on certain areas of the face (strands located around the face, half-lengths and ends) to preserve the subtle side of the coloring. In this case, it is to artificially reproduce the natural lightening that the sun produces on the hair when we are exposed in summer.

Less pronounced than a real balayage, the sun effect will suit all hair colors since it is achieved according to the base color: the main objective is to keep a natural effect and therefore not to lighten over time. – more than two shades below the original color.

Natural, again and again

At 53, the former top model has lost none of her natural beauty. The wife of the former President of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy is a specialist in the field: years after her modeling career, she remains a fashion icon and proves to us that after 50 years you can keep your hair long.

During most of her appearances, Carla Bruni plays the card of sobriety and elegance and that suits her perfectly. And that’s without counting on the many praise from his fans in the comments of his Instagram post upon his arrival in Italy: “So beautiful”, “magnificent Carla”, “La piu Bella d’Italia… e non solo!” ” or “How do you manage to be so bright and beautiful after 50 years?” “. What is certain is that the beauty continues to be successful with her community, regardless of her hair color!

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