Carla Bruni makes a moving statement to her half-sister Consuelo

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This Friday, March 31, Carla Bruni’s half-sister, Consuelo Remmert, got married. On occasion, the singer paid tribute to him on Instagram.

In Carla Bruni’s entourage, she is one of the least publicized people. Consuelo Remmert is however very close to her half-sister. The proof with these shots of her in a wedding dress, sporting a blond bun studded with white flowers, published on the singer’s Instagram account this Friday, March 31. Her husband, Alexis Gurdjian, also appears in the photos signing their marriage certificate. To celebrate his sister, Carla Bruni split a moving statement : “Tonight and on her birthday, my amazing younger sister Consuelo Remmert married the love of her life Alexis Gurdjian.”

For the occasion, Carla Bruni rained down a deluge of compliments on his sister. “Few people in the world possess the human, intellectual, sensitive and emotional qualities of my wonderful sweet sister: few people are so solid, brilliant and creative, so tender and wise at the same time”, she wrote. For the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, “Few human beings are as profoundly kind as she is, as good, as solid and generous at the same time, as simple and tender. Rarely have I met such a modest and brilliantly exceptional being as my sister.I have to tell you.” Carla Bruni describes her sister “like a rock of gentleness and kindness, of beauty and concern. And then of determination too. I don’t know how to describe to you this magic sister that God gave memy friends.” She concludes by wishing the newlyweds “all the happiness in the world and even more.”

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inseparable sisters

Born in 1980 from the union of Italian businessman Maurizio Remmert and Marcia de Luca, Consuelo Remmert is part of the private circle of the singer and her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy. A polyglot, she worked at the Élysée during Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential term in 2008, during an unpaid internship, then as a diplomatic adviser in 2015 in the cabinet of the former head of state. She is now part of the direction of Afiniti, an American multinational specialized in artificial intelligence. Her big sister met her late, after discovering that his biological father was Maurizio Remmert, with whom her mother had an affair, and not the composer and industrialist Alberto Bruni-Tedeschi, who raised her knowing this secret. Since then, the two sisters have become very close.


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