Carla Lazzari strongly disadvantaged in DALS? A huge “injustice” shocks internet users

Ultimate candidate against Billy Crawford, big winner of Dance with the stars, Carla Lazzari (17) would have been disadvantaged by the production of TF1 according to many viewers. Indeed, the singer from Nice had to perform a paso for her first dance during the grand finale broadcast on November 11, 2022 while the other two candidates were able to perform the dance of their choice, a freestyle. Accompanied by dancer Pierre Mauduy, Carla Lazzari also confided before her first performance that she was particularly stressed by her dance, which she seemed to have had a lot of difficulty mastering.

It makes no sense !

On Twitter, Internet users quickly came to the defense of Carla Lazzari, indicating that she should also have had a freestyle like the other two candidates. “Really it’s nonsense, what is this injustice. The other two dancers were able to show their potential and be at their maximum in what they can do with their freestyle, but you have Carla who is going to do a paso…“, “Why is Carla dancing on a paso? And not the other two couples? It is unfair ! All finalists should have the same dance theme to make it fair!“, “In fact, they do everything so that Carla doesn’t go any further, don’t look“commented several fans of the singer.

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