Carla Moreau reconciled with her husband Kevin after a “necessary” break: she finally breaks the silence

At the start of 2022, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj were living one of the happiest days of their lives: their wedding. It was on January 26 that they said “yes” to each other for the first time at the town hall of Marseille. Then, the parents of Ruby (2 years old) and their loved ones went to Courchevel for a week of festivities. Everything seemed to be going well for the young couple, together for several years.

But a few days ago, Kevin made an unexpected announcement. The fallen ex-stars of Marseilles to are briefly separated in the intimacy. The young man, however, wanted to be reassuring by explaining that this break was to be used to avoid a divorce. And it seems to have worked since they have already reconciled. In the day of Saturday, September 24, Carla Moreau is finally out of the silence on Instagram to speak on the subject. “I think we really need to find ourselves only among ourselves, to refocus on priorities. I think it was necessary“, she estimated. No question, however, for her to pour out more. “I became super shy about it. Good or bad, I like to keep it a little bit to myself“, she let know.

Her husband Kevin, for his part, was more talkative. “We were in a phase where we both needed to reflect on the two of us, on a lot of things. (…) I think we needed to find ourselves a little, to know what were our priorities in life. (…) My priority has always been the happiness of my family and it will remain so. (…) In life there are ups and downs, I think you have to know how to face them. I think this little break did us good. Anyway for me. (…) It was something obligatory I think. We have been through a lot this year. We decided to recover well. I don’t think running away is something that suits us. We took face the concerns we have and we will start again on solid foundations“, he had declared.

All’s well that ends well for the famous couple. Determined to give themselves a chance, they have just had a romantic moment together in the middle of nature on the occasion of Kevin’s birthday.

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