Carmen Geiss says goodbye to blonde hair

Carmen Geiss
Bye-bye, blonde!

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Anyone who knows Carmen Geiss knows her with blonde hair. The millionaire’s wife has always wore her hair in the light shade with a golden shimmer. But now she was obviously looking for a change. Carmen presents her new look on Instagram.

A few weeks ago, Carmen Geiss, 56, let her Instagram followers know that she wanted a change – a hairy change to be precise. “Maybe I would like to change something in the near future. What do you think of that?” She asked at the time. Now the jet setter has really done it and colored her blond hair. After several decades as a blonde, Carmen is now daring a new beginning – but this is not quite as dramatic.

Carmen Geiss shows new hairstyling

In her post a few weeks ago, Carmen had conjured up a patch of brown hair using a filter, and many of her fans reacted positively to the drastic change made using the app. However, just as many advised her to stick with blonde. What has Carmen decided now? This shows the TV notoriety in her latest Instagram posting. In the photo, she looks to the side and presents the result of her visit to the hairdresser. The 56-year-old writes: “Winter is coming and I’ve done it again. I’ve changed the color of my hair. Blonde was yesterday.” The hashtags “colorful” and “change yourself” make it clear once again that Carmen’s hairdresser actually used a different color.

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The result is a colorful mix of blonde and reddish brown shimmering strands. Suitable for autumn, because the colorful variety is reminiscent of fallen leaves that are omnipresent in autumn.

“Do you like it?”

Carmen Geiss herself seems to like her new hairstyle, but also wants to know from her followers how it is perceived by them. They are consistently enthusiastic about Carmen’s new look and also about their courage to risk a hairy change after so many years. “The color suits you very well,” writes one fan, another thinks: “It looks good.” Many send heart and flame emojis. Only a few are critical of the new autumn hair color.

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