“Carnage is necessary”: Expert sees Ukraine as a “heroic society”

“Carnage is Necessary”
Expert sees Ukraine as a “heroic society”

Brazil’s President Lula recommends himself as a peace broker in Ukraine. Conflict researcher Mölling believes that this idea currently has no chance. Only thousands of Russians in body bags would bring Moscow the realization that the war was over. “The carnage is therefore necessary.”

Security expert Christian Mölling sees no quick way to a negotiated peace in Ukraine. “As a consequence, this slaughter – the death of many thousands of people – is necessary,” said the deputy director of the German Society for Foreign Policy in the Stern podcast “Ukraine – the situation”. It’s about making it clear to Russia that it can’t gain any advantage by continuing its aggression: “As bitter as that is, you will only come to this realization on the battlefield.”

Mölling expressed skepticism about the Brazilian President’s proposal to install a new club of countries in the Ukraine conflict, which would advance a peace initiative. “This is not a schoolyard brawl that you can just negotiate away.” Rather, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced his willingness to bomb the Ukrainian people to the ground. He therefore currently sees no basis for changing the initial situation with a change in the agent team. During Chancellor Olaf Scholz’ trip to Brazil, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva proposed founding a club around Brazil and China as mediators in the Ukraine war.

Gap between Germany and Ukraine widens

Mölling also sees clear boundaries for Ukraine’s concessions to the Russian invaders: “We mustn’t underestimate the fact that Ukraine’s staying power is also based on the fact that it has sworn not just to a political, but a military victory.” In such a mood, any compromise that Kyiv could make would be extremely difficult to convey to the population.

At the same time, Mölling saw a growing cultural gap between Germany and the Ukraine. A “heroic society” is growing in Ukraine, which will later represent a myth of victory. In Germany, which did not liberate itself in World War II, this caused “double shame,” said Mölling. This “gap” will also exacerbate conflicts between Berlin and Kyiv when it comes to rebuilding the country after the war.

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