Carole Bouquet shaved hair: the unlikely reasons for this look that had surprised so much

In 1979, France discovered Carole Bouqueta young French actress, in a film that will become cult: Cold buffet, by Bertrand Blier, with, in particular, Gérard Depardieu and Michel Serrault. Immediately noticed, she began a long and fruitful career, notably with a César for best actress and a role as James Bond Girl in Just for your eyes (nineteen eighty one).

Rebroadcast this Sunday evening, this film features her in her chic and always classy outfits that she has never left. Except once, in 2015: then invited to the show It’s up to you, at the time presented by Anne-Sophie Lapix, the actress arrived with her hair cut very short, almost shaved. Like Demi Moore in On equal termshad she made this choice for a film or for the play, Homethat she had come to present?

Well, not at all ! Indeed, she had at the time explained that this resulted… from a stupid hairstyle on her part. She had told her misadventures with a lot of humor to the presenter. “I wanted to even out my hair. And then I ended up with lots of holes everywhere“, she had explained.

Fortunately for her, the hairstyle had then been “equalized by a hairdresser called in full emergency in the middle of the night“. Even if the professional could not save much from this cut “extreme“, it offered a different look to the actress that we usually know with a more classic cut!

A great actress, Carole Bouquet has played with many French and foreign directors. Last year, she was particularly noted for her roles in In Therapy, the series by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, in which she played the psychologist, adviser to the main character. She had also played a couple with Monica Bellucci in Fantasies.

While waiting to resume the cinema, the one who shared the life of Gérard Depardieu takes advantage of his grandchildren. His eldest son, Dimitri Rassam has two children, Daria (10 years old) from a first union and Balthazar (4 years old), from his marriage to Charlotte Casiraghi. His youngest son Louis also has two children, little Gaia (4 years old) and Paloma (2 years old).

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