Carole Richert (La Fulgurée) widow of a series actor: this beautiful legacy he left to his children

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In a relationship with Daniel Rialet since 1987, Carole Richert has experienced great happiness. But everything collapsed in 2006, when the actor suddenly died. In her misfortune, the actress finds a little of her late husband in their two children, Pauline and Vincent.

Carole Richert (La Fulgurée) widow of a series actor: this beautiful legacy he left to his children

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This evening on France 3, viewers have an appointment with the detective TV film The lightning from 9:10 p.m. A fiction critically acclaimed by Camille Claris, Pierre Perrier and Eric Savin. But the cast also includes Carole Richert, the popular 56-year-old actress who has been playing television roles for many years now. She is known in particular for her interpretation of the character of Marie-France in the series Clem with Lucie Lucas.

On the private side, Carole Richert also had everything to be happy but everything changed in 2006. While she was having the perfect love with Daniel Rialetalso an actor seen in Father and Mayor, Navarro, The Monos or Miss Joubertthe latter suddenly died three years after their marriage. At only 46 years old, Daniel Rialet unfortunately succumbed to a heart attack while he was having lunch in a restaurant. At the time, their children Pauline and Vincent were only 10 and 6 years old.

The qualities of Daniel Rialet found in his children he had with Carole Richert

Despite everything, Carole Richert always remained strong for them, striving to do everything to keep the memory of their dad alive in their memory and focusing on their education. “I taught them to be as close as possible to who they are. Their lives should not look like those we see on social media. This funny virtual double life“, she already declared during an interview with Pocket TV. And to confide the character traits of her late husband that she is proud to find in their children: “Daniel always spoke with great simplicity. They inherited his qualities: their father was never in a bad mood. He had a certain naivety, he managed to see poetry everywhere…“. While paying tribute to the man of her life on Instagram in 2019, Carole Richert, even slipped: “They look so much like you.”

The lightning with Carole Richert, this Tuesday May 14, 2024 from 9:10 p.m. on France 3.

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